Volunteers serve as mentors for Monona Terrace programs, and tour guides.

Monona Terrace is truly the product of our community.  It was approved and built with public support, and proudly serves as a popular community gathering place for events and celebrations.  This simply would not be the case without our crew of dedicated volunteers and docents who logged in over 1,100 hours last year alone!  Join our volunteer team and together we can ensure the ongoing success of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “dream civic center”.

Volunteer Opportunities:      
 Community Event Volunteer

  • Answer questions/direct event attendees
  • Provide friendly welcome
  • Staff information tables
  • Hand out promotional materials
  • General office support
  • One day training session required for this position. To apply, contact Misty Lohrentz, mlohrentz@mononaterrace.com 608.261.4062
  • See position description here
  • See application here
Tour Guide (Docent)    **NOW RECRUITING for Student Tour Guides**

  • Give tours of the building to adults and students from around the world
  • Multi-week training program required for tour guide position
  • For more information, contact Heather Sabin, hsabin@mononaterrace.com  608.261.4015
  • See position description here
  • See application here


Froebel Block Workshop Facilitator   **NOW RECRUITING**

  • Introduce Dane County elementary students to the wooden block system that inspired Frank Lloyd Wright in 45-minute workshops at the school or Monona Terrace
  • Help students recognize geometric patterns and their relationships to real-life forms in nature and the built environment
  • For more information, contact Heather Sabin, hsabin@mononaterrace.com 608.261.4015
  • See position description here
  • See application here
Community Relations and Social Media Internship
  • Small and large project-based position in community events, social media, tourism, marketing and public relations
  • May be offered for credit; Stipend upon completion of successful internship 
        Summer internship: February interviews; 40 hours per week; $1,000 stipend
        Spring/Fall internship: April interviews; 20 hours per week; $500 per semester stipend 
  • To apply, submit resume and cover letter to Fran Puleo, fpuleo@mononaterrace.com 608.261.4011
  • See position description here 

Here's what some of our most recent interns had to say:

"Being a Community Relations intern for Monona Terrace was a great way to finish off my college career. It gave me the opportunity to explore a new and local work environment while giving me the chance to learn tasks in different fields of work that ranged from planning community events to writing an award application. Getting to be an intern here gives you a chance to discover work that involves event planning, social media marketing and public relations all in one place. You get the freedom to be creative in some areas while having set structure for others, which is a great balance for someone new to this type of work setting. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested getting involved with the community through any of these areas of interest."
Beth V., Spring 2014
"My internship at Monona Terrace was an engaging learning experience. Not only are the people in the Community Relations Department talented, friendly, and motivating, they also trust their interns with a lot of responsibility. While interning, I worked on projects in PR, social media, event planning, and volunteer coordination.  For me, one of the most rewarding aspects as an intern at Monona Terrace is that I always felt like an essential part of the team."
Abby B., Spring 2014
Terrace Town Volunteer Mentor
  • Mentor a Dane County classroom over several weeks as they design and build a scale model box city made of recyclable materials.    
  • Help facilitate activities about architecture and city planning with a sustainability focus
  • For more information, contact Heather Sabin, hsabin@mononaterrace.com  608.261.4015
  • See position description here
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  • See application here



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